Quality Policy

Minimize cost

Secured quality

Reduction of delivery time

Technology improvement

In order to achieve our goals, we maximized customer satisfaction by exceeding their requirements and continuous improvement.

Main plant

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified

Yamagata Design Office, Tokyo office, Saitama Office

ISO9001 certified

Environmental Policy

We provide our customers electronic products and manufacturing equipment based on customer needs.

We strive achieve harmony and protect the environment through affective use of resources throughout the manufacturing process while continuously developing our company.

  • Environment stewardship includes energy conservation and use of recyclable goods. (Company-wide LED lights)
  • We comply with all laws, ordinances, and other requirements.
  • In an effort to prevent pollution, we pursue continued improvement of our environmental management system by setting company environmental objectives and targets that are periodically reviewed.
  • We ensure employees are informed about our environmental policy through education and training.
  • Our environmental policy is available to the public.
  • We promote green procurement in an effort to create products with minimal environmental impact.